Irrigation Warranty

PRSK LLC – Irrigation Warranty

Lawn sprinkler and drip irrigation installations all come with the same warranty. This guarantee also applies to lawn sprinkler repairs and drip irrigation repairs.

Day 01 – Day 90 (90 Day Warranty)
100% Parts & 100% Labor
Service Fee: $0.00

Day 91 – No End Date (Lifetime Warranty)
100% Parts & 100% Labor
Service Fee: $60.00

Any item we install will be warrantied as stated above. Any item that we repair will be warrantied as stated above.

North Phoenix Irrigation Warranty - LifetimeRepair Example – If we were to perform an lawn sprinkler valve repair for you and it broke again within 90 days, there would be no charge, and we would repair or replace the valve. If the valve we had repaired started leaking 4 years after the date of the repair, you would only pay $60.00 for the service fee, and we would repair or replace the valve.

Installation Example – If we were to come install a complete new lawn sprinkler system or drip irrigation system for you, and ANYTHING broke or started leaking within 90 days, it would be covered 100% and there would be no charge. If a drip irrigation pipe started leaking and needed to be repair after 10 years, you would only pay $60.00 for the service call fee, and we would repair or replace the broken irrigation pipe. Even if it took two days to dig it out and put in a new one, you would only pay the service call fee.

Basically anything we install is 100% covered for 90 days. After 90 days all you would ever have to pay is the service call fee. Homeowners who plan on living in their house for many years often use our warranty. Commercial accounts also often use us for service because our warranty lets them control their costs.

Irrigation Warranty Limitations:

North Phoenix Irrigation Warranty - LifetimeLawn Sprinkler Timers & Drip Irrigation Controllers – These are the ONLY item in the ENTIRE irrigation system we will not provided a lifetime warranty on. However, the timers we install are the best in the industry. With these timers will get a 5 year manufacturer warranty which covers repair/replacement and 100% parts and labor. These irrigation timers typically double the 5 years and then some without any issues at all. Even longer if they are in a garage.

Abuse – If you put a shovel through an irrigation line, that is not covered. If something breaks, you need to get it fixed before it starts ruining other parts of the irrigation system. Neglect is not covered, and will void the warranty.

Others – If anyone other than PRSK LLC, or a contractor hired by PRSK LLC, changes, works on, damages, or attempts to repair any part of the irrigation system, this will void the warranty.

Keep your receipts – Any work that we do on your system will be documented with us. However, we are not perfect and ask that you also try to keep your receipts from PRSK LLC.

If we did not install it or repair it, we will not warranty it.

If we installed it, or repaired it, we will warranty it. If something breaks, starts leaking or is not working properly, we will fix it. Just call us in a timely fashion when things break/need repairs and we will keep warrantying anything we did.