Sprinkler Repair

North Phoenix Sprinkler Repair

North Phoenix Lawn Sprinkler InstallationThanks for visiting our website. We are your Phoenix lawn sprinkler repair experts. We offer repair service to the greater Phoenix area.

Whether your lawn sprinkler system just won’t turn on, won’t turn off, is leaking water or just not not watering properly, we can repair it.

The most common parts of a lawn sprinkler system that we repair are:

Lawn Sprinkler Valves – This part of the irrigation system has what is called a diaphragm. They are made of rubber and control the flow of water forĀ  your lawn sprinkler system. These often wear out and need to be replaced, or just cleaned.

Lawn Sprinkler Heads – These also have moving parts and control how the water is spread onto your lawn. This part of the lawn sprinkler system can develop leaks or the springs can wear out. They are fairly inexpensive to repair.

Lawn Sprinkler Nozzles – The have filters on them at the bottom of the nozzle. These often need to be cleaned. I would always recommend upgrading to the MP-Rotators. The MP-Rotator nozzles can save water and provided more precise water deliver out of your lawn sprinkler system.

Lawn Sprinkler Timers – These are probably the most expensive part of you lawn sprinkler system. It is important to only install a quality controller from a proven irrigation manufacturer. We ONLY install the RainDial series drip irrigation and lawn sprinkler timers. They have the best warrant and seem to last the longest here in Phoenix landscape installations.

Lawn Sprinkler Pipes – Most irrigation installation companies use what is called class 200 PVC for their installations and repairs. This PVC actually does not last long here in Phoenix. We ONLY use schedule 40 PCV for all repairs and installations. This is why we provide the best warranty in the valley.

No matter what you need repaired on your lawn sprinkler system, we can repair it. If you are located in North Phoenix, we can usually provided same day service.