Drip Repair

North Phoenix Drip Irrigation Repair

If you need drip irrigation repair for you Phoenix landscape, you have come to the right place. We are drip irrigation repair experts. If your drip irrigation watering system won’t turn on, we can fix that. If you have leaks in you landscape drip watering system, we can repair them.

We offer:
Drip Irrigation System Upgrades – Higher quality system & can save water
Drip Irrigation Emitter Replacement – Correct gph needed for plants
Drip Irrigation Bubbler Replacement – Often damaged by landscapers
Drip Irrigation Shrubbler Replacement – Newer pressure compensating for improved water flow
Drip Irrigation Line Repair – Water leaks and main line break

North Phoenix Drip Irrigation RepairThe most common drip system parts that need replacement are:

Drip Irrigation Flag Emitters – These are almost always clogged due to dirt and our hard water here in Phoenix.

Drip Irrigation Bubblers – These are usually damaged by landscapers or animals. Weed eaters, shovels and anything else digging in your garden or landscape, can accidentally damage these, causing water to leak in large amounts.

Drip Irrigation Lines – These are usually just getting old from the Phoenix heat and sun. They will start to crack and need to be repaired.

Drip Irrigation Connections – When flexible tubing is installed as your main source of water for your landscape, it will eventually wear out in the Phoenix desert environment. Fittings and connectors can become loose, which causes them to come apart. Also lawn mowers and stepping on them accidentally can also cause them to come apart.

No matter part of your drip irrigation watering system you need repaired, we can help. If you live in North Phoenix we can usually offer repair service the same day.