Sprinkler Installation

North Phoenix Lawn Sprinkler Installation

We offer lawn sprinkler installation to the greater Phoenix area. Our installation estimates are always free and we appreciate the chance to earn your business.

North Phoenix Lawn Sprinkler InstallationWe only use the highest quality products for our lawn sprinkler installation service. We can install lawn sprinklers for any size area, no matter how large or small. For irrigation valves we typically install Hunter Irrigation Valves. We typically use RainBird sprinkler heads with MP-Rotator sprinkler nozzles. We also use schedule 40 PVC which lasts much longer here in the Phoenix heat and sun. Most irrigation installation companies use class 200 PVC because it is cheaper and lighter.

After a few years it will crack and you will have lawn sprinkler water leaks that need constant repairs. We WILL NOT install class 200 PVC for your lawn sprinkler system. Providing our Phoenix customers with a quality lawn sprinkler installation that will last many years is our goal.

For the lawn sprinkler timer or controller, we only install the RainDial brand. This company has the best warranty and these sprinkler timers will last a long time here in Phoenix, especially if you place them in the garage instead of outside. The only downside to that is your landscaper cannot access it when they want to change the watering times. But it you do your own watering time adjustments, it is a good option. We can install you lawn sprinkler timer inside or outside, which ever you prefer.

Our lawn sprinkler installation estimates are always free. Sometimes we can give you an estimate on the spot and sometimes we need to calculate a few costs. It all depends on the lawn size, the layout, number of irrigation valves needed and any obstacles that need to be dealt with.

I you are located in North Phoenix we can usually provide you with a lawn sprinkler installation estimate the same day.