Drip Installation

North Phoenix Drip Irrigation Installation

There are two main things we do with most drip irrigation systems here in Phoenix. One is we can install a new drip irrigation system for a house or landscape that currently does not have one. The second is that we can upgrade your existing system to be more efficient and problem free.

Whether we are installing a new drip system or updating and old one, we always use the highest quality irrigation products.

North Phoenix Drip Irrigation InstallationMost Phoenix irrigation companies and new home builders will install the cheaper black drip system tubing. This is called .580 tubing. It might work for a while, but out here in the Phoenix heat and sun, it does not last long. The cheap flexible tubing will begin to crack and split, causing water leaks in your drip irrigation system.

So why do they install the black .580 irrigation tubing if it does not last long? It is slightly cheaper than using PVC to install your drip system. It is also much easier to work with, winding between landscape plants and around corners.

Most of our customers find themselves fixing a water leak one weekend, only to have a new one pop up again next week. As the drip irrigation tube gets old, it just cannot take the water pressure and begins to leak.

PRSK only uses the highest quality products when we install a new drip irrigation system, or replace an older one in Phoenix. We WILL NOT install the cheaper black .580 irrigation tubing. We do not even offer that as an option. We have found it just does last long and providing our customers with quality product is our main concern.

We will come out and repair any drip irrigation system. If you have leaks in your black .580 drip irrigation line, we can fix them for you.

Whether we are repairing an old drip irrigation system, replacing a drip irrigation system or installing a brand new one, we offer the best WARRANTY in Phoenix.

We do offer drip irrigation repair service to the entire valley, but if you live in North Phoenix can usually provide same day repair services.